Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vinyl Showdown May 13 @ Egan's 6-10 PM

Holy cow, what a storm. We all know friends or family who are suffering through this mess. And that's why it's time to start rockin' again. Nothin' will get you through times of misery better than dancing to a killer three minute beat. Join us for another outta sight dance party at Egan's this Friday, May 13th at Happy Hour (6-10 pm) where we'll be pulling out some freaky tunes for a crazy night! Last month's vinyl mayhem was wi...ld & wooly and this set coming up promises more rarified rock & roll air. So forget your troubles, at least for a night, and get charged up with a dose of rock & roll! I guarantee ya, the next day will look a whole lot better.

DJ Zeus, the rock & roll god (George Hadjidakis) and DJ Tom Kat Kitten (Sylvia Parker) will once again be spinning wild wax artifacts by the unsung heroes of rock & roll from the '50s, '60s and beyond. We don't play oldies, we play rock 'n' roll!!

We've been scouring the globe looking for those obscure but magic slabs o' wax that'll give you that itchy twitchy feeling and getcha rockin' & reelin'. You'll be a better person for it!